(Disclaimer: The content of this work does not reflect the opinion of the characters used in it! Enjoy)


T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house

Greeny dancing Gangnam Style, Golic stuffing his mouth

The stockings were hung and yes we know the plot

Golic hoping they are filled with plump delicious brauts


Now Golic is resting all snug in his bed

While the Notre Dame Fight Song's on repeat in his head

Greeny in his ivory white pants, his hair in a net

Dreams of a Championship for the Jets, Jets, Jets


When out on the lawn there arose such a noise

Perhaps it is Drew Brees and those One Direction boys

When what would cross Golic's eyes really quick

But David Stern chased by Greg Popovich


The moon shining bright on the fresh fallen snow

Showing Herm and Chris Carter just chilling below

When what to Greeny's eyes would appear

Some pimped out sleigh and 8 juiced up Reindeer


With a little old driver, working quick Greeny could tell

He hoped it St. Nick not Jerry Jones or Roger Goodell

More rapid than eagles his cursers they came

Eagles? Sadly yes The Eagles and he called them by name


On Jackson, on Maclin, On Shady and Vick

On Andy your play calls are making us sick

To the top of the porch these Eagles should be beast

Yet wounded they sit at the bottom of the NFC East


Santa was chubby and plump, a right jolly elf

Greeny laughed aloud thinking it is Golic himself

With a wink of his eye then what would appear

But twitter pics of Golic's thong and Greeny's God awful beard


Santa rolled in his sleigh and to his team he'd Blow The Whistle

Not like a Philip Rivers pass, Santa took off like a missile

The guys heard Santa exclaim as he flew to beat the sun

Merry Christmas to all, Notre Dame is number 1